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Ponyseb belongs to Sébastien Lévesque or TheAutisticArts. He is a friendly pegasus who wear his snapback and his sweater that has the Sébastien Lévesque logo on it. He really loves his friends, Didgeree, Boomerang Beauty, Rainbow Eevee, RosePetalPony, Grith Courage, and others. He loves being a pet to Mr. S.

  • pegasus, pony
  • male
  • wears a sweater and a snapback
  • loves his friends
  • loves his owner Mr. S
  • has mild autism
  • hangs out with Didgeree alot
  • has a fat fetish
  • treats Rainbow Eevee like his sister
  • loves fat bellies
  • has sensitive feelings
  • stays positive
  • inspired
  • loves his fans
  • loves creativity
  • bisexual
  • hates any hater of his art on derpibooru
  • has facebook
  • loves facebook
  • all his friends (except Rainbow Eevee) can be found on Facebook
  • never afraid to show his colors
Symbol of mr s and ponyseb 2 0 by theautisticarts ddtdmr9-pre

Symbol of Mr S and PonySeb 2 0

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