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PAW Patrol Skye vector by Rainbow Eevee

Skye is a cockapoo, mix of (cocker spaniel and poodle), and is a main character in PAW Patrol

With the wings and binoculars is ready to fly! Also mention the pink eyes

  • "This Pup's Gotta Fly!"
  • "Let's take to the Sky"
  • loves chase
  • in a secret relationship with chase
  • chase loves her back


  • has a big head
  • best friend of everest
  • sits next to rocky
  • "This Pup's Gotta Fly!"
  • Wears goggles
  • Flies by jet pack
  • scared of big animals (especially eagles)
  • can be shipped with Zuma (Skuma)
  • can be shipping with Rocky (Rockskye)
  • magenta eyes
  • does alot of back flips
  • wants to be in gymnastics
  • loves vacation
  • wants to travel the world (except Egypt)