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Arby by Rainbow Eevee

Arby PAW Patrol by Rainbow Eevee

Arby.  Red and white striped bandana.  A pirate pup!

  • Has a captain (idk their name)
  • male
  • loves treasure
  • dachshund
  • has lots and lots of weapons
  • loves to swim
  • wants to live in a submarine
  • does not really eat
  • keeps a healthy diet
  • has bright yellow-green eyes like Zuma (paw patrol)
  • proud to be a pirate pup
  • playful
  • does not eat that much sugar
  • does not like air travel
  • often gets air sick
  • never gets sea sick
  • plays puzzles with his captain
  • currently traveling the Atlantic ocean
  • loves summer
  • favorite colour is yellow
  • laughs at jokes
  • wants to go to Pier 39